In Sickness and In Silence
The Trials and Triumphs of My First Year as a Recovering Addict's Mom
I picked my son up from college as a seemingly successful freshman and exactly one week later, on December 22nd, I was checking my drug addicted teen into rehab. My baby boy. My pride. My talented, compassionate son, who has in him what it takes to be a gift to the world.

It’s been the most devastating, scary, overwhelming, 
anxiety-inducing, shocking, isolating time of my life.

Living with constant uncertainty. I’d make a decision only to question the last while moving on to the next. Battling against the denial that crept in constantly with promises of comfort in this storm. Working to support him without taking over his recovery. My actions, my hypervigilance would not dictate the outcome. 

I had to release control where I never had it to begin with.

And this disease has a stigma that keeps us silent and isolated. The energy I’ve wasted to keep secret something I know should not be shameful but is.  
My wish and prayer is that, by reading this, others who love an addict can find hope, a feeling of belonging, and some useful strategies. Maybe, you’ll even feel inspired to share your story too.   

And, if you’ve never loved an addict, I hope you gain some insight, a new perspective and some strategies to tuck away……. in case. Chances are, I’m a lot like you.
Kirsten Vogel’s Bio
I’ve always been a positive, high energy person, who has encouraged others and shared advice. I’ve even made a profession out of it as a speaker, author and coach. I’ve designed a life around looking for the silver lining, fully aware that my reaction to life is what is in my control and that positive and grateful is the way to be. I have a history of overcoming adversity and remaining positive and focused in the process. However, this last year has taxed my ability to rally to that level. There are steeper mountains, and this one has been mine.
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